It is awe-inspiring to see how children’s minds develop over time. One of the ways we can help our children hone conversational skills is to ask age-appropriate questions and encourage their word use as they answer. It can be amazing to watch as they think through and deliver their responses. With time and practice, you will witness your little ones grow into a conversationalist!

At a young age, children are more self-centered.  Just think about it, they are learning a new language (the power of yes or no), body parts (head, shoulders, knees, and toes), colors, numbers in the correct order, yummy foods, and in today’s age, they are learning to use smart devices. Because of your teaching, you can reinforce learning by asking:

  • Where is your head? Where are your ears? Where are your shoulders? Where is your belly button? Where are your knees?  Where are your toes?
  • What are your favorite colors?
  • How high can you count? Count with me.
  • Where does the school bus take the children? What do children do at school?
  • What is your favorite toy?

As children grow, you can ask:

  • What is your favorite food?
  • Which meal is your favorite? Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?
  • What is your favorite exercise? Sit-ups or push-ups?
  • What jobs are interesting to you? This is based on the child’s exposure. Truck driver, School Bus Driver, Mail Deliverer, Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Scientist, Astronaut, etc
  • Do you have a favorite show to watch? Why?
  • What part of the day do you like best? Morning, Afternoon, or Evening? Why?
  • Which season do you like the best? Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Why?
  • What is your favorite thing to do with Mom? Dad? Caregiver? As a family?

When children enter daycare, school, after-school programs, join teams, clubs, or organizations, they make friends, and are exposed to people outside of their immediate family. These interactions inform their views on various topics.  To learn more about their opinions, you may ask the following questions:

  • What is your favorite subject(s) in school? Why? Or Tell me more.
  • Who is your favorite teacher(s) at school? Why? Or Tell me more.
  • How do you make friends with people at school?
  • How do you feel when you have a lot of homework to complete by the next day?
  • What are ways you can make school even more fun?
  • Do you like having projects to complete for school? What appeals to you the most?  Thinking about what to do?  How to do it? Working on it with your hands?  Sharing the finished product with others?
  • Did anyone tease or bully you at school today? How did it make you feel?  What did you do?
  • If you or your friend is being teased or bullied, what would you do? Who would you tell?
  • What are your favorite activities to do as a family? During the week?  On the weekend?
  • Was there a lowlight for the day? Why? What did you learn about yourself?
  • What was your top highlight for the day? Why? What did you learn about yourself?

If you want better answers, ask better questions.  Encourage your child(ren) to ask questions of you and other family members. The question-asking skill will serve them well all their lives.


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