The beautiful thing about creating job descriptions is the fact you can put whatever you want in them.  There is bound to be that one person who fits your need(s) perfectly.

When thinking about a Babysitter or Nanny, what do you want them to do for you, your child(ren), or your family.  We recognize they will care for your child(ren) and keep them out of harm’s way; however, there are a host of other duties you may want a Nanny or Babysitter to do with your loved one.  They can be a teacher, mentor, sports instructor/coach, encourager, a friend, or liaison.  Do you want them to ensure your child(ren) have completed their school-related assignments?  Tutor? Help with school-related projects? Do you want them to take your child(ren) to educational places or expand their creativity with art experiences? How about planning play dates at the community center or local park?  Do you want your Nanny or Babysitter to teach your child(ren) how to cook or do basic housekeeping activities like sweeping, doing laundry, or making a sandwich?


If your Babysitter or Nanny has a professional certification, they may even make room to discuss feelings or coping skills because life happens, and this is an inevitable topic.


Remember, with these extra activities, comes an extra expense that can be viewed as an investment in your child(ren). It is a good idea to think through the role your Babysitter or Nanny will have with your child(ren) prior to posting a position for help.

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