As we enter into the Fall season, things are changing. Everywhere you look, you may see some visible changes in our Texas areas. There have been a few cooler days and some changing colors of leaves, and most significantly the change in daylight.
So maybe it is time to make some changes in your home. You know you need help, but you are not clear if it should be full-time, part-time, short-term, long-term, live-in, or live-out assistance. The best way to determine your overarching need is to ascertain how many hours per day you want help, the specific time of day you need assistance, and for how long. Do you need help in the morning with bathing, dressing, breakfast preparation, and transport?   Do you need help cleaning your home while everyone is gone during the day? Do you need a senior companion to sit with a family member while you are at work? Do you need a tutor for a particular school subject after school hours? Do you need afternoon pick up from school or extra-curricular activities? Do you need afternoon transportation from school to extra-curricular activities, to and from play dates, and then home?  Do you need a personal assistant to help do a variety of activities that are assigned daily or weekly? How many times per week do you need such help? For how many months?  Do your need it every month of the year or just during the school year? Would you prefer someone live in seven days per week or Monday morning through Friday evening? Do you have the private space to accommodate live-in help? Knowing the type of schedule is foundational for the type of caregiver you will need.  The consistent and dependable hours help a caregiver say yes to your offer of employment.


Next, it is good to determine the skill set of the person.  Do you prefer a college education, a certain number of years of experience, or a combination of both? Would you like a male, female or it does not matter? Will they need to provide suitable transportation? Do you want your caregiver to be an educator too?  They may reinforce the teaching of a second language, do homework with your child(ren), or play a sport. Make a list of the type of activities you need completed, followed by what you want to be completed, if time permits.  While interviewing, it is a great time to establish reasonable expectations.  Having an ongoing conversation, once hired, is a great way to keep the lines of communication open to ensure you and your caregiver are on the same page.

What is your hourly spending plan? Are you willing to pay an annual salary? Are you offering benefits? Part-time help will, more than likely, ask for a higher hourly rate because they are working fewer hours per week. An alternative, if they are splitting time between more than one family, they will have less flexibility with the hours they work. If you are offering part-time employment, consider asking a friend with children, to share the expense of a full-time caregiver. You can work through weekly hours for one caregiver while maintaining a level of flexibility.


Since you are considered an employer, please make sure you are set up correctly to provide the appropriate tax-related documentation at the end of the year.  You may need to establish an Employer Identification Number with the government and let the state and/or local municipalities know when an employee has been hired or let go. You should also be familiar with the appropriate tax-related forms that should be sent to the government and issued to the employee in a timely manner.

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