Keeping Your Nanny Engaged

Parents we all know, it can be challenging to find the right nanny for your family. So, when you have your perfect match, you want to make sure your nanny is happy with their employment with your family. Below please few strategies on how to keep your nanny engaged:

  1. Clear communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with your nanny, discussing expectations, schedules, and any changes in advance. Establishing regular check-ins with them is ideal; this allows for a regular exchange of concerns or questions on both sides. During these meetings, encourage the nanny to share ideas, concerns, or suggestions regarding their care of your children. Actively listen and address any issues that arise promptly. Creating a safe space for communication can enhance engagement.
  2. Respect and appreciation: Show appreciation for your nanny’s hard work and dedication. Verbally recognize their contributions and value their role within the family. A simple thank-you or occasional small gestures of gratitude can go a long, long way.
  3. Professional development: Encourage the nanny’s professional growth by providing opportunities for training or workshops related to childcare or other areas of interest. Supporting their development can help them feel valued and motivated as an employee.
  4. Collaborative decision-making: Involve the nanny in decision-making processes that directly affect their work, such as scheduling or activities. Seeking their input and considering their suggestions can create a sense of ownership and engagement.
  5. Flexibility: When possible, be flexible with the nanny’s schedule or allow occasional time off. Understanding their personal needs and accommodating them demonstrates empathy and fosters a positive work environment.

Remember, each nanny is unique, so it’s important to get to know them personally and understand their preferences. Building a strong working relationship based on trust, respect, and support is key to keeping a nanny engaged and satisfied in their role with your family.

We are hopeful that you will find these tips helpful. Should have questions about establishing or strengthening a working relationship with your nanny. Feel free to contact us NOW at 832.482.4639.

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