The Gift of Gratitude to Little Ones

 As adults, we recognize the importance of practicing gratitude. It is crucial for mental well-being and positive relationships with others. However, sometimes our children do not understand this due to developmental factors such as age and cognitive abilities or the lack of seeing this practiced often in their young lives. Encouraging gratitude in children involves setting relatable, age-appropriate examples.  Since children learn best by observation and imitation, we would like to share five quick tips that can help you demonstrate simple child-friendly acts of gratitude.

Five child-friendly quick tips:

  1. Create a gratitude journal together where your children can write or draw things, they’re thankful for.
  2. Discuss feelings openly, which will help children understand the impact of gratitude on well-being.
  3. Encourage children to say “thank you” regularly, whether it’s for a small gesture or a gift.
  4. Make it a family tradition to share gratitude during meals, allowing everyone to express appreciation.
  5. Engage in volunteer work together, which will expose children to different perspectives and cultivate empathy and appreciation.


These little acts of thankfulness can help our children embrace an attitude of gratitude in their young lives. This will also help them to look for and recognize the different things in their life worth being grateful for, which can help develop a more positive mindset. Demonstrating or giving the examples provided here can help children not only develop their emotional intelligence, but also their expressive voice of appreciation.


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