Today, with the price of everyday needs increasing due to inflation, NOW is very mindful of your desire to monitor your spending for childcare. Now more than ever, it is essential for you to clearly understand the babysitting duties you want from the person taking care of your precious loved ones. Also, it is important to determine the type of caregiver you want with your child(ren).
You may want a babysitter who is experienced, engaging, responsible, reliable, kind, trustworthy, flexible, possess leadership skills and good manners.
How do these skills actually show up? We have found that most families also want a babysitter who has effective communication skills and time management abilities. Someone flexible and adaptable because life happens. A person who can quickly learn and honor your family rituals and traditions. A skilled rapport builder with your child(ren) and you. A person who will be the fun director, conflict resolver, ultimate calmer, and encourager when you are not available. A babysitter who is situationally aware while in public, mindful of safety proofing any space for your child(ren). And of course, a person with basic first aid skills help deal with the occasional boo-boo.
If you want your babysitter to have these basic skills and share their accumulated experience with your family, please be willing to pay a fair market rate so they can support their family too!
NOW is ready to help you find that special person to support you and your family.
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