As our children prepare to go back to school or in other words, as we prepare for them to go back; I wonder if we (parents) are really ready. The endless shopping for school supplies and new shoes, last minute vacations, doctor appointments and school paperwork, etc., can all be very overwhelming. But over the years, I have found these 3 tips to be game changers.

1. Hiccups Happen
The best way to approach the new school year is to accept the fact it will not go as planned; and that is okay. Accepting that no matter how prepared you are, hiccups will happen along the way. Our best choice is to accept it and move forward. We sometimes cannot change the situation at hand, but we can change the way we respond to it. Using this concept is freeing and also a great life lesson for our children to witness.
“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

2. Create Your Tribe
Parents cannot do it alone. It truly does take a village of supporters who are there to assist when you need help during the year. Rather it be an occasional pickup from school, dropping a snack off at soccer practice or offering a comforting voice when you cannot be home; your tribe helps fill the gaps. The ultimate goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for your children, where they can grow and flourish. So, create your tribe! Who are those individuals you can count on during crunch time?
“It takes a village to raise a child.” African proverb

3. Give Grace
The guilt of parenting can be so heavy and if not addressed can lead to a multitude of things. We can be so hard on ourselves for not getting it right the first time. But the same kindness and grace we give our children when they make a mistake, has to be given to ourselves. YES! You may forget to do something for your child’s homeroom or forget your donation of cookies for the class party or even yell a few too many times during the day. But again, it is okay. Give yourself some grace, you are human too.

“Choose, everyday to forgive yourself. You are human, flawed and most all worthy…” Alison Malee

Moms and dads; you are ready. The school year will start and you will be fine. Breathe.

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